“Oh i do like to be beside the seasiiiide”


While I was enjoying a glass of wine at sportsmans Inn marina with my darling and ridiculous friend Rachel, Jeremy confidently strolling past invites us out onto Petes boat. A motor boat, what!? Yas yas yaaaas! After a bit of awkwardness, confusing and 2% flirting we decided to go for it.

Its been almost 2 months of not being on the sea or by a boat. I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed it. Sitting on the bow of this 14 ft speed boat, the wind blowing my hair around, my smile taking over my face as the intense wind dries out my mouth as its gaping open like a happy dog sticking his head out the window. Sitting on the shoreline of a private island owned by some Canadian millionare, we sit by the water, having a smoke enjoying a hand crafted 3.2 million dollar view. I want to say ‘ahh the little things in life’ but it took a lot of effort, time and money for this extravagant view hah! Definitely a day I won’t forgot. Made me fall in love with boats, the sea and water all over again.


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