Canadian Themed Lumberjack-and-Jill Visa Approval Party!


Now after bitching on for weeks about how hard it is for a British Citizen to get a working/travel visa for Canada, it finally arrived!! So as I would, I went straight onto Facebook and invited the whole town [like 7 people] to a Canadian lumberjack themed ‘congratulations-on-getting-your-visa’ party for myself. It involved all things Canadian; beers, bonfires, S’mores, flannelette jackets and other very…very…typically Canadian activities.

As well as our staff we had some ‘cool kids’ from town wanting to come over so we had to make sure that this house party was off chops. Over excited comments like “SOMEONE TRASH THE LIVING ROOM SO IT LOOKS LIKE WE ALREADY HAD A CRAZY TIME IN THAT ROOM” and “SOMEONE PUT THAT EMPTY WINE BOTTLE AROUND DYLAN SO IT LOOKS LIKE HE WAS SO F***ED UP HE PASSED OUT IN A POOL OF HIS OWN SICK!” so by the time the cool kids rocked up, it looked like they had come to the right place. True story unfortunately…

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