Topaz Lake


Mikey and I decided one our day off together to hike to and camp at Topaz Lake; appropriately named so, for in direct sunlight this fresh water lake is SO BLUE…like Japanese anime aqua. This was also the first time camping on Canadian soil where I quickly learnt that in this country you actually have to keep your food AWAY from where your sleeping….in a bag to contain the smell…. And then hang it in a tree… so the bears don’t come and graphically slaughter you in your sleep for your granola bars. Yep. True story.

Hiking with a new friend is always interesting. I personally find walking with another person very conversationally stimulating, where questions like “so have you always liked the outdoors” and “what do you want to do after this summer job” were easy go to topics. We described each others camping and hiking experiences from different times, countries and environments. It made me realize that working at a seasonal outfitting store brought very likeminded staff together, due to having the same love for the outdoors, but all for very different reasons  and different backgrounds. Some were born and raised in England, others to parents that weren’t around in Toronto – so diverse but all here for the same reason. Our love for nature – now that’s something…

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