Abbotsford Adventures



So I arrived to Vancouver from LA after Below Deck’s 2nd round of interviews only to be greeted by my beautiful friends Ryan and Sam in the most fabulous way – an eski full of ‘Monkey Lala’ cocktails (which was a Utilian special alcoholic beverage from where we all met 3 years ago in Honduras, Central America).


While sipping away arrival cocktails in ryans car, both my friends proceeded to tell me our plan was to get some sushi for lunch then go sky diving. just casually. yes, sky diving. Obviously not being able to object we met up with Ryan’s house mates Brayden and Danica at the Japanese restaurant to discuss sky diving plans for that afternoon.

All of us having an impulsive almost ADHD mentality towards life, we scoffed down our food with excitement and headed straight to the skydiving range. It was an expensive and hour long process to get geared up and have a briefing that was SO brief i didn’t necessarily feel as safe as i wanted to be being thrown out of a plane…

The plane ride up was cold, slightly terrifying but mostly just amazing. After 15 minutes of us shit stirring each other with comments like “hey sam is that clip supposed to be undone?” and “we’re supposed to deploy the parachutes ourselves right?” I was the first the jump out.

The door goes flying open and I leant out with my instructor attached to my back and I’m surprisingly not even scared – it just didn’t look real! and off i went. Then looking around, my friends floating in front, above, underneath…!! wahhhh what a feeling!


After getting out of gear, jumping in the car to head to Ryans and 45 minutes of a trying to calm down our adrenalin rushes we go straight into have a house party. We set up lights, music, cocktails, preparing homemade party pizzas etc.

What an amazing night that was! Good drinks, fresh food and amazing company!




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