Losing Our Marbles


This is one of many moments that Krystle (and if not her, then one of us) cracked the absolute shits at our paper based reservation system. Yes, you read correctly, an entirely paper based reservation system that was responsible for booking, organising and delivering anything to do with kayak or canoe rentals or packing and setting up outfitting’s. If one piece of paper was misplaced or lost then that reservation may not be ticked off – which means 21 people sitting at a lake an hour away, waiting for 8 canoes to be delivered for a 4-day camping trip could be very very pissed off. This was every day dreaded occurrence for all of us – no wander we all took weekly turns having emotional break downs at work. Despite staff cracking shits all over the place, our boss truly believes that there Is no possible way these issues could be solved by having an electronic booking system. Fact.


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