The Ultimate Garden Feast

Day 2


Where to begin on how this insane ‘Alice and Wonderland Garden Party” hangover breakfast came to be…

Hungover as balls I just wanted to get Eggs Benedict from a nice local cafe but Sam convinced me to get up, come to the shops with him, buy ingredients and help him cook breakfast. At that point I laughed at his suggested and crawl back under my covers. With not much more convincing we got up, went to the shops, bought everything anyone could possibly want for breakfast and heading home to start cooking.

After an hour or so, with the lovely aroma of sizzling bacon flowing through the house, it didn’t take long for our half dead bodies to come outside and set up this magical food picnic. Words (and even photos) will not do this amazing spread justice but needless to say, it was easily the best homemade breakfast I’ve ever had, and one of the best mornings of my life!




Vegan Nachos


Tucos Taco – Mexican Inspired Vegan Restaurant

I know what your thinking, how can vegan nachos taste like anything other then cardboard covered in melted chunks of grass and tofu?

Well they somehow managed to pull it off, and make one of the best loaded nachos i have ever had in my life. Layered with housemade chipotle crema, vegan cheese and other crispy veg, this afternoon was filled with stuffed faces, laughter and copious amounts of sangria – definately check it out if you can!

Poutine…That is all.


On my travels over the last 5 years or so, when I had a discussion with a travelling Canadian about food (which was obviously quite often since food is the best thing in the entire universe), they always mentioned this mysterious dish called ‘Poutine’. Originating in Montreal, Quebec ‘poutine’ was first created by Sir Alfred Poutine who made fries in his B&B in 1812 and accidentally spilled his roast dinners gravy and cheese curds over his midnight snack – and it tasted… fabulous.

Ok that’s not the actual story but to elaborate on the dish its French fries, covered in gravy and cheese curds. You’ll find it at almost any diner, pub, restaurant and even McDonalds has a “for $2 more upgrade your fries to a poutine!”

What the actual fuck. Really? REALLY?

So one of the first things I had to eat on my arrival was this miraculous poutine. So my new co-workers took me to Red Rooster in Sudbury, Ontario and ordered me a tray size dish of poutine with extra curds. It looked like someone had eaten a roast dinner and thrown up more recently eaten fries onto a tray. I was intrigued but not overly excited.

So there it was. Looking at me with its sloppy, salty deep fried cheesey face. And I dug in. and lord have mercy IT’S THE BEST DISH AND I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE!