The Crack

Today I woke up and decided on hiking up the famous “Crack” in Ontario North’s Lake district town of Killarney. It was one of those mornings you wake up and think “I going to have a me day today – i don’t want to touch my phone, talk to anyone or even eat. Just one big spiritual awakening, reflective power hike for one to become more in tune with themselves.” Next minute, I’m checking Facebook while i make my breakfast smoothie already thinking about what filters I’m going to use on my photos I’m going to take [haha] oh the days we live in.


The crack is a 6km round trip (around 4 hours) which includes bright green curtains and layers of trees on flat bush terrain which somehow turns into a solid uphill bloody rock climb. As i started walking i remember being mesmerized at how blue to sky was to how green the leaves were, almost as if i was seeing true colours for the first time. And the earthy smell of the woods, cracks of twigs as the unknown run around their homes (note to readers: Canadians worry about snakes and spiders in the woods while hiking in Oz; mate, you guys have moose and bears and cougars sleeping next to you while camping and somehow Australia’s wilderness is scary?! the fuck? – moving on…)

Getting to the top of the crack was indescribable; you can see a 180 degree view of the lake district and really take in how high you’ve come up. I sat down for a good hour staring out of the horizon thinking to myself this is one of the most satisfying, rewarding and breathtaking moments i’ve ever had.